Mississauga Seventh-day Adventist® Church

Dear Church family,

We affirm your faith in God, and His power to keep us sheltered by his grace as we navigate the pandemic of COVID-19 globally.

In a bid to prioritize the wellbeing and safety of our 800 members, there are a few modifications to local programs at Mississauga Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Please take note of these items below.

Most In-Person Church programs are cancelled based on the recommendation by the Chief Medical Officer of Ontario. This means that the church is closed for public gatherings outside of Sabbath morning one-hour Church Service.  

  • A phased reopening for worship in the sanctuary is limited to one-hour for 120 persons including staff.  Mask-wearing is mandatory along with on-site health and temperature checks.  Pre-registration is required.

  • Divine Service will continue be broadcasted online weekly. Click to WATCH LIVE at 11:00 am on Sabbath mornings on YouTube.

  • All other church programs, including Sabbath School classes will continue virtually via Zoom.

  • Church phased-in Susceptible groups are being reminded to stay home and watch online.

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A Note from the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists:

The word vaccination does not occur in the Bible as is the case with many other important health terms like vitamins, transfusion, high blood pressure, kidney transplant, injection, pills, carbohydrates, biopsy, body temperature, blood clots, diabetes, etc. Biblical writers do not use phrases like preventive medicine, psycho-somatic connections, cardio-vascular exercise, do not smoke, breathe fresh air, drink 6–8 glasses of water every day, wash your hands before each meal, brush your teeth, regularly eat breakfast, do not drink alcohol, or daily obtain sufficient sleep of 7–9 hours. One could create a long list of such good practices which are not verbally addressed in the Scriptures.  Click here to read the full release.


To view detailed recommendations by the Ontario Conference please click here.

Please follow health and safety guidelines and continue to exercise extreme caution in your day-to-day interactions to slow the spread of the virus. Share this message with other members of our church and stay connected to our online channels including our website, social media pages and WhatsApp groups to get the latest updates on church activities.

God bless and keep you as we continue to faithfully look for His coming.